August 7 Math and Social Studies


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Social Studies

 Completing National Region Map


Aug 1

 Math Study Guide attached for Unit 2 Test, scheduled for  Monday,  August 7th.  Questions 1-10 assigned and reviewed in class   Unit Quiz on Prime Factorization, GCF and LCM is tomorrow 8/2.  Review notes and practice.

Unit 2 Study Guide


Social Studies:  review of preparing map project using tablets.


July 31- August 4 2017


July 31  Least Common Multiple
– Notes
– Practice Problems
– Independent Problems Video:


Social Studies
July 31

How does a physical feature impact world
How have rivers, lakes, seas, oceans,
mountains, deserts, plateaus and coastlines
positively and negatively influenced the
development of ancient civilizations?
How did people use the physical features
available to them to their advantage in
order to survive, develop and expand?
Lesson – Students will work with a partner to
create a Poster on one of the following
physical features (rivers, mountains, deserts,
oceans, seas, islands, straits, rainforests, plains,
plateaus, wetlands, coastlines, peninsulas).
The poster should include a title, picture of
the physical feature, definition of feature, 3-4
places where that feature can be found in the
world and advantages and disadvantages of
that feature. Students will take part in a
museum walk in order to compare and contrast
the advantages and disadvantages of each
physical feature. At each physical feature,
students will complete the sentence stem
“_________________ is similar/different from
a ___________________ because…” The
first blank should be the feature of the poster
created by the student answering the question
stem. The second blank should be the feature
found on the poster. Students can write their
stem on a paper hanging next to the poster and
on their own personal note sheet. In your
group discussion after the activity, students
can discuss which features shared the most
similarities vs which features were the most
different. Students will also be provided
Cornell Notes to complete during the museum

July 24- 28

24 Divisibility Rules and Practice Notes
25 Prime/Composite Notes and (odd questions)
26 Greatest Common Factor Notes and Worksheet
27 Least Common Multiple Notes and Worksheet
28 Distributive Property GCF and LCM
Social Studies  Quiz 7/27 open notes
24  Latitude and Longitude Review
25  Historian Worksheet and Video
26  Completed the 5 Themes of Geography Guide
27   Quiz on 5 Themes of Geography
28  Review