May 15- May 19

May 15
Data and Statistic Review
Math Packet P. 6-10 Calculator Active

May 16
Expressions and Equation Review                                  Math Packet P. 11-14 Calculator Active

May 17
Geometry Review                                                                 Math Packet P. 15-20 Calculator Active (In Class) Assign NS P. 21-22 Question 1-10 for HW

May 18
Number System Review                                                       Math Packet P. 21-24 Calculator Active  ( 11-20)

May 19
Ratio; Percent; Units Review                                            Math Packet P. 25-29 Calculator Active

May 8- May 12

May 8 EOG Review
Exponents and Order of Operations Notes and Practice
Review Video and In-class practice questions; Packet for week given each student.

May 9
GCF; LCM; and Prime Factorization Review
Review Video and In-class practice questions

May 10
Decimals Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division rules and practice. Fraction Operations  Packet 3 and 4

May 11
Integers and Rational Numbers  Positive/Negative, Ascending Order;
Ordering; and Comparing. Notes and Packet 5

May 12
Non-Calculator Active Questions from released EOG packet.  Students will maintain packet and corrections and methods will be completed.


May 1 -May 5

Please review Study Guide; Notes and videos for Test on 5/4

May 1 Statistical Display

CCM6 SummaryStats (1)

CCM6 StatQuestionsKey (2)

May 2  Data Analysis Review

Day150_Displaying Data Review_ccm6plus_unit13

May 3  Study Guide   -please use completed study guide to prep for unit exam. Calculator active

Unit 13 Study Guide

extra video: IQR

May 4  Unit 13 TEST  Calculator Active

May 5  Complete Unit 13 Test and begin corrections as needed.

******Unit Test 13 corrections are due on Tuesday, May 9th.  We are starting the prep sessions for our EOG testing, next week.  Each student will receive ONE Student Booklet  which we will use to analyze the objectives that Grade 6 student will need show mastery. Each packet will contain the major topics for both calculator active and inactive portions of the EOG. Formulas will also be suggested for review.  It is important that this packet has been printed for your student with a limited budget in mind, so it will not be possible for me to make a copy if misplaced.   Please have your student keep it secure in binder.  Thank you.

APRIL 24-28

Please log in to the Brain Pop app that is available for more info/video selections

APRIL 24  Review
Mean,Median,Mode and Range; Mean Absolute Deviation and Box Plot examples.

April 25  Quiz  on objectives review

April 26 Frequency

CCM6 FrequencyTables (2)
CCM6 FrequencyTablesKey (2)

April 27  Dot Plot

CCM6 DotPlots (1)

CCM6 DotPlotsKey (2)

April 28  Histograms

CCM6 Histograms (1)
CCM6 HistogramsKey…/histograms

April 17- 21

Students have received the Unit 13 Note and Practice Packet which they will maintain in their math binder and will be used on a daily basis.  Please clear all all other material from the math section and maintain at home.
April 17     Mean and Median with and without outlier
Notes, Video and Practice Sheet
CCM6 MMwithOutliers (1)
CCM6 MMwithOutliersKey (2)

April 18 Five Number Summary (Lower Extreme;Lower Quartile; Median;Upper Quartile and Upper Extreme and Inter-quartile range)
CCM6 FiveNumberSummary (2)
CCM6 FiveNumberSummaryKey (1)

April 19 Mean Absolute Deviation
In class practice and assigned Q’s 1-7

April 20 Box Plot ie; Box and Whiskers Plots
CCM6 BoxPlot (2)
CCM6 BoxPlotKey (1)

April 21 Frequency Tables
CCM6 FrequencyTables (2)
CCM6 FrequencyTablesKey (2)

April 21 Histogram (moved to April 24)
CCM6 Histograms (1)
CCM6 HistogramsKey (2)

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April 10-13

April 10
Unit  12 Study Guide Review Packet for students with questions competed in class.

April 11
Unit 12 Test

April 12
Unit 13 Introduction; Vocabulary and Notes
CCM6 StatQuestionsKey (2)
CCM6plus_Unit 13 Vocabulary

April 14  Mean,Median, Mode, and Range
Notes and Practice Attached; Worksheet