October 16-20

Update: Early Release on Friday October 20th

Monday: Coordinate Plane Review and Take Home Quiz due Tuesday
Tuesday: Coordinate Plane Test

Social Studies
Monday: Reviewed Hinduism and Exercise 10 and 11
assigned Buddhism video and Exercise 12 and 13
Tuesday: 5 Major Religions and Religious Figures section


October 9-13 Math and Social Studies

10/9 Math Review Mini-Quiz
10/10 Unit 5 Test ( corrections/parent signature due for upgrade 10/13)
10/11 Unit 6 Coordinate Plane Basics and Distance Formulas  Q’s Odd Only
10/12 Reflections across the x-axis and y-axis
Reflections Notes Power Point
10/13 Absolute Value Distance to Perimeter and Area

Social Studies
10/9 Unit “Religion”
Slideshow Religion Unit Slideshow
10/10  Unit Packet hand-out Introduction
Assigned Christianity (read intro and complete Exercise 3,4,5)
10/11 Islam (complete exercise 6 and 7

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Character deevelopment

AUG-28 – SEPT 1

AUG 28

Math  Multiplication of Fractions
Notes and Guided Practice; Assign Independent
CCM6 MultiplyingFractions (1)
CCM6 FractionBasics (3)

VIDEO: Constantine and Byzantine Empire
Worksheet Comprehension on City

AUG 29
MATH    Division of Fractions (Reciprocal)
Notes and Guided Practice: assigned problems
CCM6 DividingFractions (1)

Social Studies
Video on Geography and Early Settlements of India
Packet: Graphic Organizer due Thursday

August 30
Math   Review the operations of Fractions and Word problems. Unit Test Thursday 8/31; Please study fraction packet notes and examples.
Social Studies:  Video on India  and class time to finish Packet which is due on Thursday 8/31


August 21- 25 Math and Social Studies

Exploritory Enrichment- HomeRoom Assignment

What makes me unique? What can I share with my classmates?

Attached Newsletter

21 Monday     Math-  Unit 3 Test   Decimal Operations
SS-Vocabulary and  VegetationMaps

22Tuesday     Math-  Fraction Basic Notes/Video and                                                 worksheet
CCM6 FractionBasics (3)

SS- Mesopotamia Video and Fertile Crescent Media and Comprehension Packet

23Wednesday Math-  Fraction Addition Notes/Video                                              and worksheet
CCM6 AddFractions (1)
SS- Geography of China
Comprehension Packet

24Thursday     Math-
Fraction Subtraction Notes/Video and                               worksheet
CCM6 SubtractFractions (1)
SS- Continue on China Geography
25Friday        Math-
Fraction Multiplication Notes/Video                                  and worksheet
CCM6 MultiplyingFractions (1)
SS-Complete Packet on China Geography


August 14-August 18


August 14
Dividing Whole Numbers and Using Standard Algorithms (DAY 1)
Notes; Video and Classroom assignment
Unit Study dispensed for completion and review on Friday,August 18

August 15
Dividing Decimals
Notes and Video
-Worksheet on practice problems

August 16
Dividing Decimals Day 2
Practice continued

August 17
Application of all decimal operations

August 18
Review and Correct Study Guide in preparing for Unit Test, Monday, August 21.

U3 Study Guide


Social Studies

August 14
Forces shaping Earth Pages 33-39
Complete Vocabulary enrichment activity Vocabulary Enrichment

August 15
Climate and Weather Pages  40-50
Assign Key Terms 1-9

August 16

August 17

August 18