May 1 -May 5

Please review Study Guide; Notes and videos for Test on 5/4

May 1 Statistical Display

CCM6 SummaryStats (1)

CCM6 StatQuestionsKey (2)

May 2  Data Analysis Review

Day150_Displaying Data Review_ccm6plus_unit13

May 3  Study Guide   -please use completed study guide to prep for unit exam. Calculator active

Unit 13 Study Guide

extra video: IQR

May 4  Unit 13 TEST  Calculator Active

May 5  Complete Unit 13 Test and begin corrections as needed.

******Unit Test 13 corrections are due on Tuesday, May 9th.  We are starting the prep sessions for our EOG testing, next week.  Each student will receive ONE Student Booklet  which we will use to analyze the objectives that Grade 6 student will need show mastery. Each packet will contain the major topics for both calculator active and inactive portions of the EOG. Formulas will also be suggested for review.  It is important that this packet has been printed for your student with a limited budget in mind, so it will not be possible for me to make a copy if misplaced.   Please have your student keep it secure in binder.  Thank you.