April 17- 21

Students have received the Unit 13 Note and Practice Packet which they will maintain in their math binder and will be used on a daily basis.  Please clear all all other material from the math section and maintain at home.
April 17     Mean and Median with and without outlier
Notes, Video and Practice Sheet
CCM6 MMwithOutliers (1)
CCM6 MMwithOutliersKey (2)

April 18 Five Number Summary (Lower Extreme;Lower Quartile; Median;Upper Quartile and Upper Extreme and Inter-quartile range)
CCM6 FiveNumberSummary (2)
CCM6 FiveNumberSummaryKey (1)


April 19 Mean Absolute Deviation
In class practice and assigned Q’s 1-7

April 20 Box Plot ie; Box and Whiskers Plots
CCM6 BoxPlot (2)
CCM6 BoxPlotKey (1)

April 21 Frequency Tables
CCM6 FrequencyTables (2)
CCM6 FrequencyTablesKey (2)

April 21 Histogram (moved to April 24)
CCM6 Histograms (1)
CCM6 HistogramsKey (2)