March 27-31

March 27  Unit 12 Surface Area and Volume

Project is due April 14, make sure that you submit your Mathematician name ASAP, if you haven’t already.I am attaching information on how to sign-up for an additional resource for your usage as needed.     CCM6_Directions to Online CMP2 Resources
Notes and Formula Sheet will be passed out in class and assignment Volume sheet #1 and #2 is assigned.


Unit 12 Vocabulary

March 28
Create 3D objects from 2D planes: construct by tactile practice 
March 29
Volume of Rectangular Prism and Finding Missing Dimensions
d133_Finding Missing Dimensions if Given Volume_ccm6plus_unit12

March 30
Volume with Fractional Edges and Composite Figures…volume…/volume-with-fractions/.
d134_Practice with Volume of Prisms_ccm6plus_unit12
Volume of Prisms with Fractional UnitsPreview the documentView in a new window

March 31
Volume with Fractional Edges and Composite Figure Continued

April 1
Unit 12 Quiz on Volume (notes can be used and recommended)