January 10-21 (9,10,11,16 (school closed)

January 12 Thursday
CFA  formative assessment will be completed.  This assessment is for data and is not part of grading process. Unit Test 8 corrections will be needed to be returned by January 14th for credit update.

January 13 Friday
Unit 9 Percent;Percent Application and Measurement Conversion: Notes and Video.  Videos have been moved to Canvass.

The videos and notes have been moved to Canvas.  Please see the information below to access the information for both teachers and students.
Yes, the re-teaching videos are now housed in Canvas.  Students and Parents will need to enroll in the course in order to view the videos and see the handouts that go along with each one.  Here is the link to self-enroll in the course.
Please enroll to see if you are able to access the information.

January 14   Saturday 1/2 day
Converting Unit to Measurement Lesson: using Customary units.  Worksheet assigned Holt 8-3

January 16   Monday: Holiday Martin Luther King Day

January 17 Tuesday
Metric Units: Notes and practice exercise

January 18 Wednesday
Converting Customary and Metric Units

January 19 Thursday
Quiz and Review Fractions,Percents and Decimal Conversion

January 20  Friday
Percent Problems with Proportions and Equations

January 21  Saturday  1/2 Day
Tax, Tip, Discounts, Markups and Simple Interest

Please remember to sign up for Canvass. It has valuable material for you to review an videos for extending skill development.


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